Sweet Balloons

“Sweet Balloons” Table Decorations and Favours


A great idea for birthday parties, baby showers and other celebrations! No need for helium, these balloons are attached to the base using a transparent balloon stick.The base can then be filled with sweets, or anything else of your choice. Each arrangement is then beautifully finished with a satin ribbon bow around the neck of the balloon and a co-ordinating cover for the lid, which sits on top of the base.

The balloon are available in a wide range of colours. The sweet balloons are also dual purpose; they make great, vibrant table decorations and then, at the end of the party, you can give them out as gifts/favours (either the whole arrangement, including the base, or easily remove the base to give out the balloons on a stick).

Please note: sweets are not included. Minimum order of five.