What people are saying...

"Thank you very much for the wonderful balloons! They looked amazing and made the party extra special".

Mrs Caley, Stafford

Traditionally, balloon decor (arches, columns, garland) has been created using balloons in a uniform way; for example, the same size and type of balloon put together in a structured way. Organic decor is quite the opposite, using a mix of balloon sizes and types, built together in clusters to create beautiful displays.

This style of balloon decor is becoming increasingly popular and you can see why. It can be used in so many ways – for example; to decorate entrances or staircases, to create a backdrop, as a feature next to cake tables or photo props, garland for table decor or to create stand alone arches and columns. Other materials are often included in the design – for example; foliage, flowers or pom poms.


If you’re thinking about having some organic balloons at your event, it’s worth giving some thought first of all as to where the balloons will be positioned. A lot of the designs (for example the half arches and garland, shown below) do not need to be built on a frame. However, they are not completely freestanding and so need just a few fixing points to secure the balloons to. These don’t need to be super strong, just enough to be able to secure the balloons, to prevent them from falling over. Examples of fixing points could be light fittings, nails or hooks in the wall, pipes on the wall – basically anything that you can wrap some wire or string around. Alternatively, if the balloons are to go next to a smooth painted wall, we could use removable hooks – however, we would ask that you agree this with the venue beforehand to make sure that they are happy for these hooks to be used. It’s also worth checking that the balloons won’t be positioned too close to a radiator or anything else that might cause them to burst. We would recommend that you arrange to have a quick look around the venue prior to booking to establish where the balloons could go.

Please also see below for more information on our collection of frames that can be used with organic balloons.

The cost of your organic decor will vary considerably, depending on the size of the decor, the types of balloons used and the location. Please contact us with more information and we can provide a quote.


We also have a selection of frames that can be used with your organic balloon designs and we continue to add to this collection. All of our frames are treated as a hire item, which means that we ask for a security deposit at the time of booking. This is fully refundable on safe collection (or return) of the frame.

Large circle arch

Made with a white metal frame, this circle arch is approximately 3m x 2.5m.

It can be completely covered in balloons, or partially covered, like the design opposite. You can use all latex balloons for this design or include other types of balloons and accessories, such as foil balloons, confetti balloons, foliage or pom poms. 

This frame is only suitable for indoor use. 

Baby shower balloons at Moddershall Oaks - near Stone, Staffordshire


Rectangular frames

All sorts of wonderful designs can be achieved with these rectangular frames. They can be decorated with a small amount of balloons or you can really go to town with the design. You can also use the frames to hang things on - for example seating plans, other decoration or personalised plaques. See our Pinterest board to see more ideas for different designs using these frames. 

Suitable for indoor use only.

Plinths and frames decorated with balloon clusters

Traditional arch shape

Our arch frames come in the following sizes:

  • 2.3m (W) x 1.75m (H)
  • 3m (W) x 2.5m (H)
  • 5m (W) x 2.5m (H)  *
  • 7m (W) x 3.5m (H)  *

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Please note: whilst all the frames can be used outdoors, only the two larger frames are completely freestanding*.  The other arch frames need to be secured to prevent them being disrupted by the wind. Please contact us for more information.

Organic balloon arch

Square wooden frame

This is a new frame that we have added to our collection and are looking forward to creating some beautiful backdrops with it! It is a wooden frame, painted white, approximately 2m x 2m.

The frame can be decorated with trails of organic balloons. It can also be used to hang things from - for example; material backdrops, lanterns, streamers and other decor for themed parties and events. The possibilities are endless!

Suitable for indoor use only.

Balloon photo frame personalised with message and logo - Staffordshire


We offer a variety of hoop frames, decorated with organic balloons. The larger, floor standing hoop is approximately 2m in diameter, available in white or gold. We also have some white table top hoops in three sizes; 120cm, 100cm and 80cm in diameter. Personalised plaques can also be incorporated into the design - please see our gallery for more images and ideas. 

Recommended for indoor use. Can also be used outdoors, with support.

Heart and circle columns

These columns make great photo props, as well as adding to the decor. 

Available in a heart shape, as shown opposite, or a circle shape. We can create all sorts of designs using this frame for all occasions.

Suitable for indoor use only.

LOVE heart balloon column

Hot air balloon

One of our favourite designs, this hot air balloon is a popular choice for 1st birthday parties. It is built around a frame and comes with the wicker basket, as shown. 

Organic hot air balloon