Pastel Pink number balloon pillarsPastel Pink personalised numbers

Number Balloon Pillars – Pastel Pink


These giant number balloon pillars are a popular choice and will definitely add the WOW factor to your birthday celebrations! Choose your numbers and also the colour mix for your balloon pillars.

These designs are £35 for the pair or £20 for a single number.

Optional extras:

  • personalise your numbers (+£5)
  • include a matching bouquet of three foil balloons with your numbers (+£11.95)

If your balloons are being delivered, we can also include an optional gift card, with your message on. Please provide details on the order form.


If you would like your number balloons delivered, we offer a local delivery service around the Stafford area (£7.50). Alternatively, you are welcome to collect. We are based in Baswich, Stafford. Minimum orders apply for delivery outside of Stafford – please see our delivery page for more information.

How to order

Please complete the ORDER FORM. On receipt of your order, we will check availability and will be in touch to confirm. At that time, we will send over an invoice with the option to pay by card or bank transfer. We’re more than happy to take last-minute orders – however, we would recommend allowing at least 1 week’s notice, where possible, to ensure that we have your chosen balloons in stock, thank you.

See our gallery for more photos of these designs and other birthday balloons.



What to expect

Your air-filled balloon number should remain taught for at least a week. It’s likely that it will last a lot longer; many customers have said that their number balloons lasted for weeks!

Caring for your balloons

Your balloon’s favourite environment is:

  • to be indoors, at normal room temperature
  • away from intense heat, such as radiators
  • away from direct sunlight

Exposing your foil balloon to too much heat can cause it to pop. Foil balloons will also noticeably shrink in cold weather – however, they will return to normal as soon as they are back in room temperature.