Letter and  Number Balloons

What people are saying

Thank you very much for the wonderful balloons! They looked amazing and made the party extra special.

Mrs Caley, Stafford

Many thanks for the balloons - they were amazing, just as I wanted them. I will recommend you to anyone who needs balloons.

Mrs McCabe, Stafford


Giant Letter balloons

The giant letter balloons are so versatile and can be used for so many different occasions – to spell out a person’s NAME or company’s BRAND, for example. Or to create a theme, such as LOVE, CAKE, DANCE or MR & MRS for weddings. Each letter is between 34 to 40 inches tall. They can be positioned at different heights or angles for an eye-catching design. The balloons come in a range of colours; pink, blue, red, silver and gold and rose gold.

The cost for a helium-filled letter balloon is £14.95. Please see our gallery or Pinterest board for more ideas or contact us for more information and prices.

Giant Number balloons

Great for celebrating birthdays – particularly milestone birthdays. Each balloon is approximately 34 inches tall and available in; gold, rose gold, silver, blue, pink, red, purple and black. We also supply Zooloons – animal themed number balloons for children’s birthdays.

The balloons come filled with helium and matching ribbon and weights attached. They can be made as table decorations or floor standing arrangements.

A single number balloon costs £12.95. A pair of number balloons (for example ’21’) costs £19.95.

The numbers can also be used to create unique designs OR add helium-filled latex balloons underneath the number to make more of a feature of the balloons. Please see our gallery for more ideas or contact us for more information.

Air-filled (14 inch) Number and Letter Balloons

Have some fun with these foil number and letter balloons! Smaller than the giant balloons; they are only suitable for filling with air. They are perfect for creating banners. The balloons are sold pre-packed, ready for you to inflate yourself with air. They can be inflated using a straw (provided) or hand pump. Please let us know if you would like us to inflate and set up the balloons for you and we can provide you with a separate quote. Available in rose gold, gold, silver, blue and pink.

£1.95 per balloon (number or letter)

Baby shower balloon letters


How long will my balloons float for?

Your giant number or letter balloons should remain full and taught for three to five days. They will usually continue to float for longer but will appear less taught as they start to lose helium. Cool air may cause these balloons to shrivel, but they will return to a normal state when exposed to warmer air.

Q: Do you deliver?

Absolutely. If you're using these balloons as a display - for example a LOVE display for a wedding - we would highly recommend that we deliver and set-up the balloons for you at your venue, to ensure that they are the right height and positioned correctly. Please see our delivery page for more information on costs. Alternatively, you are welcome to collect your balloons from us.

Q: How do I inflate the 14inch letter and number balloons?

These balloons are suitable for air-fill only. They come pre-packaged with a straw and instructions on how to inflate. We recommend using a balloon pump if you have one.