Happy Mother’s Day Large Balloon Bouquet

Happy Mother’s Day Large Balloon Bouquet


Surprise your Mum this Mother’s Day with this large balloon bouquet. The bouquet has two Happy Mother’s Day heart foil balloons and three matching latex balloons in pink, yellow and orange.


If you would like your balloons delivered, we offer a local delivery service around the Stafford area (£7.50). We can also include an optional gift card, with your message on (please provide details on the order form). Alternatively, you are welcome to collect. We are based in Baswich, Stafford.

How to order

Please complete the ORDER FORM. On receipt of your order, we will check availability and will be in touch to confirm. At that time, we will send over an invoice with the option to pay by card or bank transfer.


What to expect

In optimum environments, your foil balloons will remain full and taught for three to five days. They will continue to float for longer but will gradually start to appear less taught as they start to lose helium.

Your latex balloons will float for around 3 days, getting smaller with each passing day. Where possible, we recommend having your balloons delivered (or collected) on Mother’s Day so that the latex balloons are looking their best.

Caring for your balloons

Your balloon’s favourite environment is:

  • to be indoors, at normal room temperature
  • away from intense heat, such as radiators
  • away from direct sunlight

If your balloon is exposed to too much heat, the helium will expand, causing it to pop. When the temperature is very cold, it causes the helium to shrink, reducing the size and float time of the balloon. Foil balloons will noticeably shrink in cold weather – however, they will return to normal as soon as they are back in room temperature.