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"Our wedding venue was stunning in its own rights,  Julie finished it off with beautiful giant balloons, cheeky little bows and glitter garland! We couldn't be happier with how it all came together! Lots of positive comments were made and the children loved playing with the balloons for days after. Thank you Julie x"

Kate Henry, Halesowen

Giant balloons make fantastic decor and will certainly give your venue the ‘WOW’ factor! They are particularly effective in larger rooms with tall ceilings.

£18.50 each – our giant balloons come helium-filled with satin ribbon tails and a weight.

Optional extras:

  • Collar of miniature balloons attached to the neck of the giant balloon (+ £2.00 per giant balloon)
  • Large double bow (made out of satin ribbon) attached to the neck of the giant balloon (+ £2.50 per giant balloon)
  • Add confetti to the inside of the balloon (+ £5.00 per balloon)
  • Use handmade tails instead of ribbon – eg. heart tails (from £5.00 extra per balloon)
  • Natural foliage hanging down from the neck of the balloon (+ £5.00 per balloon)
  • Light tails (+£7.50 for table arrangements or +£8.75  floor standing)
  • Tulle covered giant balloon with bow around the neck of the balloon (+ £14 per balloon)

We offer a huge range of designs and are not restricted to those listed above. You can find more images and ideas on our gallery or Pinterest board.

Limited space? We can offer a slightly smaller version of the giant latex balloon. These balloons are approximately 1.5ft in diameter and still have the lovely spherical shape of the giant balloons, priced at £15 each (solid colour) or £18.50 (confetti-filled).

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