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"Thank you for all the beautiful table decorations you created for my golden wedding anniversary - they were just perfect. I would highly recommend Balloons of Stafford for any celebrations. Thank you again".

Mrs Woolrich, Stafford

Foil balloons have really developed over the last few years; with the introduction of new colours and designs as well as more classy looking finishes (we LOVE the pearl and satin finish foils). The 3-D foils also look fantastic; available in spherical, cube and diamond shapes.

Themed foil balloons

We have selected a range of themed foil balloons for various occasions (birthdays, anniversaries etc). You can find more information and prices on the themed balloon bouquets page.

Plain-coloured foil balloons (standard size – 18 inch)

Shapes: Hearts, stars and round

Colours: A wide variety of colours and finishes. Popular colours include; black, pale blue, deep blue, gold, lime green, lavender, magenta, orange, pearl pink, rose pink, purple, red, rose gold, silver, teal, turquoise, white and yellow.

£4.50 – helium-filled and individually weighted hearts or round foils  (£5 for star foils)

£11.95 – bouquet of three round or heart foils (£12.95 for a bouquet of three stars)

Plain coloured foil balloons (giant – 36 inch)

Shapes: Hearts, stars and round

Colours: Silver, gold, rose gold, pearl pink, magenta, red, pearl light blue, sapphire blue, lime green, purple, lilac and black.

£16.50 – helium-filled and individually weighted

Miniature foils

The miniature foils come in two different sizes; 4 inch and 9 inch in diameter. Because of their size, they are only suitable for filling with air. They make great additions to balloon arrangements and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Please contact us for more information.

3D (16 inch) foils

Shapes: Spherical. cube and diamond

Colours: Silver, gold, rose gold, pastel pink, bright pink, red, orange, pastel blue, blue, green, purple, black and ombre (various colours)

£9.95 – single balloon, helium filled and individually weighted

£18.50 – bouquet of two

£25.00 – bouquet of three

All of our foil balloons can be personalised with your message – this costs an additional £5 per balloon.

New! Heart Jelly Foils..

We love these new foil balloons with their very distinctive heart shape. A great choice for anniversary celebrations, engagements and weddings.

They come in two sizes; large (25-inch) £9.95 and small (14-inch) £4.95 - filled with helium and attached to a weight.