What people are saying...

"I just wanted to say how beautiful the balloons are - great centre pieces! Thank you so much for your care and creativity".

Mrs Blanks, Stafford

One of our favourite types of balloon; the bubble balloons are versatile, long lasting and make stunning decor and gifts.

The large clear bubble balloons are approximately 24 inches in diameter. They are made with satin ribbon tails as standard – however, you can choose from a range of balloon tails if you’re looking for something more unique. You also choose what you would like to go inside the balloon.

Large bubble balloon with the following inside:

Nothing inside: £12.95

1 x latex balloon: £13.95

Confetti: £14.95

Feathers: £15.95

Miniature latex balloons: £16.95

Fresh foliage (Asparagus Fern): £17.95


*We also supply slightly smaller clear bubbles (20 inches) – just take £1 off the above prices.

Optional extras:

  • Choose from our range of balloon tails (priced individually)
  • Personalise your bubble balloons (+£5)
  • Present your bubble balloon in a large white box lined with tissue paper and a bow on top (+£10) *suitable for standard size bubbles only

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Printed Bubble Balloons

The large bubbles also come with printed designs, many of which don't need anything extra inside. The prices are the same as the clear bubble balloons.