18th birthday pink bubble18th birthday blue bubble

18th Birthday Bubble Balloon (Pink or Blue)


These great looking balloons are made of a clear stretchy plastic material, making them far more robust than latex balloons. They are quite large (approximately 22 inches in diameter) and look good either on their own or as part of a bouquet. This design is available in both pink and blue and comes helium-filled with matching ribbon and weight.


  • Bouquet with 1 bubble balloon and 3 latex balloons: £13.95
  • Bouquet with 1 bubble and 6 latex balloons: £19.95
  • Single bubble balloon with a collar of miniature latex balloons around the neck: £9.95

Please note: we hold a limited stock of 18th bubble balloons and therefore would ask for 1 week’s notice to allow time to order in the balloon(s) if required – thank you.

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