Balloons on a stick

Balloons on a Stick


Balloons on a stick are a very popular choice for children’s parties. No need for helium; balloon sticks are easy to assemble, cost-effective and long lasting.

The balloon sticks can be purchased individually, ready for you to assemble, at a cost of 15p each. You can also purchase latex balloons from us – please see our colour chart, which details all of the colour balloons we hold in stock. We will provide you with instructions on how to attach the balloon to the stick.

Alternatively, you can buy the balloons on a stick from us, ready-made. The prices for pre-assembed balloons on a stick (using balloons from our traditional range) are as follows:

  • 10 x balloons on a stick: £10 (minimum order)
  • 20 x balloons on a stick: £15
  • 30 x balloons on a stick: £20

We currently hold white and black balloon sticks in stock. We can purchase other colour sticks for orders of 25 or more.