What people are saying...

"It was great working with you. Feedback from the clients was excellent and the balloons were fab! We will definitely be using you again".

Simon Doorbar - Yarnfield Park Training & Conference Centre

"Thank you so much for the balloon arch - it looked amazing. Such a fast service - we will definitely ask for your help again".

Ms Crawford, Stoke on Trent

Balloon arches and columns are very eye catching and a fantastic way to draw attention – whether it’s to promote a new store or open day or to create a focal point at a special event. They are often used in a retail environment but can be just as effective for decorating party or wedding venues.

All of our balloon arches and columns are completely bespoke. We can create giant arches of air-filled balloons or more subtle, smaller arches using helium-filled balloons. Please contact us for more information or take a look at our gallery to see more images of balloon arches that we’ve created.

Types of arches and columns

Traditional air-filled arches and columns

Created using air-filled balloons (usually the same size) built around a frame. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Our frames come in the following (approximate) sizes:

  • 3m (W) x 1.75M (H)
  • 3m (W) x 2.5m (H)
  • 5m (W) x 2.5m (H)
  • 7m (W) x 3.5m (H)

There is flexibility to adjust the height/width of the arches. We can also create custom built frames.

Balloon arch at Staffordshire University

Organic air-filled arches and columns

This style of balloon decor is becoming increasingly popular and you can see why. Arches, columns and garland are created using different sizes and types of balloons. Other materials are often included in the design - for example; foliage, flowers or pom poms . Frames are not always required for these designs. Beautiful garland can be used to decorate tables, focal points, stairways and entrances.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Organic balloon garland with fresh foliage

Helium-filled arches

Lines of helium-filled balloons are used to create these simple arches. Ideal for decorating smaller venues, although they can be made to any size. You can choose the type of balloons that the arch is made with, such as latex or foil balloons (or a mixture of both).

Recommended for indoor use only.


Helium-filled link arches

These latex balloons are linked together to form a different style of arch, with miniature balloons in between to add colour and interest. A popular choice for children's birthday parties but suitable for any event, including weddings and corporate events. The arches can be put together in different ways and made to size, creating something that is perfect for your individual event.

Recommended for indoor use only.

Children's birthday balloon arch

Frequently asked questions

Q. How much do the balloon arches and columns cost?

There are a number of factors that influence the price of a balloon arch or column, which include; the type of arch/column, the balloons that are used, it's size and and the location. Please contact us for a quote and more information. 

Q. Can the arches and columns go outside?

Yes - however, would we only recommend air-filled balloon arches and columns for use outdoors. These arches/columns are built using a frame and are more weather resistant than the arches using helium balloons.

Q. How big are the arches?

Most of our arches are bespoke and can be built to your requirements. The biggest single arch that we make is approximately 7 x 3.5 metres - however, we can link several arches together, which looks great and of course covers a larger area.

Q. How long will they last?

This does depend on the type of arch/column and the conditions they are kept in. They will look their best on the day of inflation. The air-filled balloon arches/columns are generally longer lasting but are not immune to damage or being effected by their environment (the weather/exposure to sunlight, for example).

Q. How much notice do you need?

We are always happy to supply balloons at short notice and will do our best to help but this will be dependent upon availability and whether or not we have all of the balloons in stock. If possible, it's best to give us at least 1 week's notice to allow time to order in your balloons, if required.