Giant balloons

What people are saying

Thank you so much for the balloons you did for our wedding - they were brilliant. You did exactly what we wanted and the service was fantastic.

Mr Smith, Stafford

Our wedding venue was stunning in its own rights,  Julie just finished it off with beautiful giant balloons, cheeky little bows and glitter garland! We couldn't be happier with how it all came together! Lots of positive comments were made and the children loved playing with the balloons for days after. Thank you Julie x

Kate Henry, Halesown



Giant balloons make fantastic table and floor-standing arrangements and will certainly give your venue the ‘WOW’ factor! They are particularly effective in larger rooms with tall ceilings.

The cost of the giant balloons varies depending upon the number of balloons purchased. The prices below are for giant balloons made using satin ribbon for the tails:

  • Single giant balloon: £18.50
  • Two to five balloons: £17.50 per balloon
  • Six to ten balloons: £16.50 per balloon
  • Over 10 balloons: £16.00 per balloon

Optional extras:

  • Collar of miniature balloons attached to the neck of the giant balloon (£2.00 per giant balloon)
  • Add confetti to the inside of the balloon (£5.00 per balloon)
  • Use handmade tails instead of ribbon – eg. heart tails (from £5.00 per balloon)
  • Natural foliage hanging down from the neck of the balloon (£5.00 per balloon)

These extras make your balloons unique and add extra detail to the design. They can be used to compliment the theme of your event. See our gallery for more images and ideas.



Q: How long will my giant balloons float for?

It does depend on the balloon's surroundings and also the type of balloon tail used but, generally, you can expect your giant balloon to float for two to three days. It is important to be aware that your latex balloon will get smaller with each passing day as it gradually loses helium. We therefore strongly recommend that your balloons are delivered (or collected) on the day of your event to ensure that they look their best for your celebrations.

Q: Do you deliver?

Absolutely. Depending on how many giant balloons you would like, we would either deliver them to your venue or inflate them on site. We will also set them up ready for you. Please see our delivery page for more information on costs. Alternatively, you are welcome to collect your giant balloons but please be aware that they take up a lot of room in your car!

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  • Moddershall Oaks – Stone, Staffordshire

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  • The Ashes – Endon, Staffordshire

  • The Moat House – Acton Trussell, Stafford

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